Group Schedules

Our club has various running groups to cater for the different running abilities among our members

Runners are encouraged to move up through the group structure as their pace and fitness improve

Group Schedules are published on the Club Notice Board at the Brentwood Centre, and individual groups’ sessions are announced every Wednesday as part of the […]

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Health and Fitness Tips

We can only give general advice here, as all of us are different.

However, to remain healthy, be sensible with what you eat and drink, and go to your doctor if anything feels unusual

For fitness, remember this one thing. You get fit during RECOVERY, not during training. So rest. Give your body time to recover and […]

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Beginners’ post, under Beginners’ Cat under Training HL Cat


Welcome Newbies, bear with us while we write something that will make you want to join us even more than you already want to!

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