Group Schedules

Our club has various running groups to cater for the different running abilities among our members

Runners are encouraged to move up through the group structure as their pace and fitness improve

Group Schedules are published on the Club Notice Board at the Brentwood Centre, and individual groups’ sessions are announced every Wednesday as part of the announcements

Please note that Group schedules can vary owing to Group Leader unavailability, and sometimes it may be necessary for a group to merge with another group on the night, or the session may not be that published

Group A – Nick Knight 7 min mile pace
Group B – Michael Turrington 7.30 min mile pace
Group C – Phil Olsen 8 min mile pace
Group D – Chris Jones 8:30 min mile pace
Group E – Martin Hurst 9 min mile pace
Group F – Jill Thorne 10 min mile pace
Group G – Steve Birkett 10:30 min mile pace
Group H – Tina Leung 11 min mile pace
Group I (Improvers) – Keith Gould 10-11 min mile pace

Paces may vary to a bit quicker sometimes

Please note that there is also a walking group led by Ann Pickard


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