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At an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 4 July 2018 members voted to change the name of the club from Thrift Green Trotters to Brentwood Running Club by 65 votes to 15

Thrift Green Trotters – History; Community; Charity

Brian Carter, John Hayman and Alf Overy were the founder members in 1987 but it all began because of their wives.

Pauline Carter and Peggy Hayman were encouraged by Alf’s son, Stephen, to have a go at The Sunday Times National Fun Run, which took place in Hyde Park. Having taken up the challenge the ladies began training around Brentwood.  Soon they were joined by their husbands plus Alf.

A meeting place was established at the Seven Arches Pub (no longer there) in Seven Arches Road, Brentwood. Whilst training, the group regularly saw other runners using the streets of Brentwood.  No community-based club existed in Brentwood at that time so, in 1987, Brian, John and Alf decided to set up a running club for Brentwood.

The Seven Arches Pub was already the ‘club house’ but what about a name? This proved easier than you might think.  Brian and John both lived on Thrift Green in Brentwood.  Add to that Peggy Hayman’s maiden of Trotter and the rest (as they say) is history.

Numbers increased and The Seven Arches was quickly outgrown. The Trotters needed sports facilities as well as social facilities.  The club’s designated venue became The Courage Hall in Brentwood School.  This had good sports facilities but was only available to club members when not utilised by the School.

A further review was needed and In 2007 Thrift Green Trotters moved to our current base in The Brentwood Centre, Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood. With a 300 plus membership the running linked facilities became available to club members at any time the Brentwood Centre is open.

Since inception Thrift Green Trotters have supported events International, National and Local.


The London Olympics of 2012 saw 20 of our members accepted as Games Makers. An unforgettable experience for those involved.


Each year The London Marathon sees the club supply one hundred member volunteers to staff the 9 and 10 mile drinks stations.

The Ride London 100 mile Cycle Event sees our volunteers out in force at the 75 mile Leatherhead Hub ensuring the riders are fed and well hydrated.


The Trotters have had the honour of staging the Essex Championship 10K several times, incorporating it into our annual 10K road race. 2017 sees the Essex Championship return to us once more.

Added to that, we support the Brentwood Charity Half Marathon each year providing not only Marshals but upwards of fifty runners in the event.

Throughout the Trotters’ history the social side of the club has always been important; overseas trips to Malta, Cyprus and Ireland as well as home events such as The Grizzly, which is an annual pilgrimage for the club down to Devon. Christmas Party: Summer Ball; the newly introduced Awards Night are all part of the Trotters’ social scene.

We have endeavoured to support local charities throughout our history and have steadfastly supported St Francis Hospice for the past ten years in recognition of the compassionate nursing they have provided to members who have been in their care.


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