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Membership Renewals

All members renewing should complete a renewal form, whether paying by cheque or cash or by bank transfer – our preferred method of payment. This will ensure that your contact details held both by the club and England Athletics are up to date. The renewal form now contains an explanation of the use of the data by England Athletics and invites you to use and update your online portal, called myAthletics

Renewal form 2018-19

New member (First claim) –       £50 New Member (Second claim) –       £35
Renewal (First claim) –       £35 Renewal (Second claim) –       £20
New Youth (First claim) –      £40 New Youth (Second claim) –       £25
Youth Renewal (First claim) –       £25 Youth Renewal (Second claim) –       £10


 Methods of payment are:

  • By Cheque, made payable to Thrift Green Trotters. Please try to avoid cash
  • By Standing Order – please ensure that it is from 1 March. There are still some members with SOs from 1 September (please change!)
  • By Bank Transfer – You can pay your fee straight from your bank account to the Club’s Santander account. Remember to ensure that the transfer contains your full name so that it can be identified

Account Number 73777309             Sort Code 09-01-51

Please note that wristbands are no longer being issued